Brookline Green Electricity Aggregation Plan explains how the Program will operate

Customer Notification Letter – sent to new electricity supply customers who are eligible for automatic enrollment in the Program. Explains program options, product rates, renewable energy content and for those who choose to opt out, ways to leave the Program before enrollment.

Brookline Green Electricity Lawn Sign – you might see these around town. Get yours.

Disclosure label

The Disclosure Label is prepared and periodically updated by Brookline Green Electricity program’s electricity supplier. It provides detail on the energy mix for all program options. These documents are updated only periodically, therefore, the label available at this time may be for electricity supply from an earlier period.

Brookline Green Environmental Disclosure Label

Program Background

Municipal aggregation is allowed under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 164 Section 134. More than 160 cities and towns in Massachusetts already have active electricity aggregation programs, and other nearby communities are pursuing similar programs. 

By default, electricity customers in Brookline receive Basic Service electricity supply from Eversource. Under a municipal aggregation program like Brookline Green Electricity (BGE), most customers receiving Basic Service are automatically transitioned to the aggregation’s standard option, unless they choose a different electricity option or choose to opt out (no associated penalty, ever).

Brookline Green Electricity Implementation

In 2016, Town Meeting authorized the creation of the electricity aggregation program in Brookline with a goal of adding more renewable electricity to our electric mix. The Town then selected aggregation consultant, Good Energy, L.P., to assist with all aspects of program implementation. The Town developed a draft aggregation plan and subsequently solicited public comment. As required by law, the plan was reviewed with the MA Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and then sent to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) for approval. DPU approved the plan in the spring of 2017. 

Brookline conducted a competitive bid for electricity supply and secured a supply contract to start in the summer of 2017. Prior to the start of the Program, Brookline conducted an education and outreach program to notify eligible residents and businesses about the Program and their right to opt out. This effort included a letter and postcard mailed to every eligible customer, as well as public presentations, press releases, social media, and more.

Since the initial launch in July of 2017, BGE has entered into a second contract from January 2020 through the December 2022 meter read, giving electricity ratepayers in Brookline four different options for electricity supply.

Historical performance data for BGE


This is a historical overview of the Brookline Green Electricity rates as compared to Eversource Basic Service for residential customers.

Note that future savings cannot be guaranteed because future Basic Service rates are unknown.


Brookline Green Electricity program enjoys a high level of participation from the Town’s residents and businesses. Below is a graph showing the breakout of participants by the type of product they selected as of December 2020.

Participants can enter and leave the Program without sign-up fees or penalties.

Electricity customers who are currently enrolled with a third-party supplier may be subject to penalties or early termination fees from the third-party supplier if they switch to the electricity aggregation program during the term of their contract.