Brookline Green Electricity

Brookline Green Electricity (BGE) is an electricity supply program organized by the Town of Brookline to provide residents and businesses with new, Town-vetted options for electricity supply. The Program is an important part of Brookline’s Climate Action Plan. Through BGE, Brookline annually purchases more than 42.2 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of voluntary renewable energy from New England. Those purchases are:

Enough to power 6,500 Brookline residential users exclusively with renewables

Equivalent to the output of approximately nine wind land-based turbines

Program Options

January 2020 to December 2022

Participants in the Program receive Brookline Green unless they affirmatively choose one of the other electricity options.

Brookline Green
(default option)


30% RECs in addition to renewable energy standards

Brookline Green 65

65 percent dial


65% RECs in addition to renewable energy standards

Brookline All Green


Includes RECs equal to 100% of the user’s electricity consumption, in addition to meeting all renewable energy requirements

Brookline Basic

Check mark image


Meets renewable energy requirements

Sign up for Brookline All Green to receive 100% Local Renewable Energy!

Products described as Green contain Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs) above that required by the Commonwealth, and come only from solar, wind, anaerobic digestion and low impact hydro located within New England.

Eversource Basic Service Rates

Residential: $0.17871/kWh, July – December 2022
Commercial: $0.17827/kWh, July – December 2022
Industrial: $0.30613/kWh NEMA, October – December 2022
Renewable Energy: Meets minimum renewable energy standards

Future savings compared to Eversource Basic Service cannot be guaranteed because future Basic Service prices change every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers.

BGE Program Performance

Future savings cannot be guaranteed because Eversource Basic Service rates change every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers.

1,000 for

The town of Brookline, in partnership with Climate Action Brookline and others, is looking to grow the number of participants in the 100% option from 1,000 to 2,000. Sign up your home or business for Brookline ALL Green today!

What the Community Is Saying

The Climate Crisis requires everybody to be involved, including the business community. The Brookline Green Electricity program gives our businesses, non-profits, and residents an avenue to take one step forward, together, while creating demand for more renewable energy projects to come online, right here in New England.

Raul Fernandez
Member, Brookline Select Board

We have used green electricity for close to 10 years. It feels good to be doing one’s part to decrease dependency on fossil fuels. And the big surprise was that the extra cost of the additional renewable electricity we buy thorough the Program is tax deductible.

Carol Caro
Member, Advisory Committee

Participating in Brookline Green is the easiest, most effective thing we can do to keep fossil fuels in the ground. No other action we can take will result in carbon emission reductions of this magnitude. This is an essential step for our community to become part of a growing movement to a clean energy future.

Kathleen Scanlon
Architect; Coordinator, Mothers Out Front

Brookline has developed a program that is good for consumers and the environment, and it’s received the stamp of approval from the state Department of Public Utilities.

Werner Lohe
Co-Chair, Select Board’s Climate Action Committee

Questions & Support

Have questions or need help? Please visit the support page, which contains the contact information for the current program supplier and a form for comments.